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Nado Palms

When I picture Coronado in my head, I see the beach, feel the sun and hear the palm trees swaying in the wind.  Palm trees can be an all around icon for the great state of California, but to me, they are representative of Coronado.  They are perhaps one of the most fascinating trees out there.


Just the other day, while chillin on the beach, feeling peaceful and relaxed, I laid there observing the palm trees from a distance.  It was a beautiful day - 75, cloudless and a slight breeze that gives you seconds of relief from the direct sun.


It was the noise of the rustling leaves that first caught my attention.  So faint that it can be easily missed.  Or maybe this is a direct result of growing up in this paradise.  I’ve become so accustomed to the noises of small beach town, Coronado.  Palm trees are so tall and skinny - I never understood how these trees were stood so strong.  


You would imagine that with big wind gusts the trunk would snap and or fall at the roots.  But they don’t.  Of course there is the special exception because let’s be honest, sh** happens and we can’t always predict how or where it will be.

Point being, palm trees are amazing - straight from their color and height, right down to their swaying, melodic tunes.  

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